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Lexus GS300 News

Lexus GS300 - Irobot

Lexus GS300 - Irobot...When John first purchased his Lexus GS300 he knew exactly what he wanted to do. He wanted to create a vehicle that would set itself apart from the rest while still maintaining a harmonious balance of luxury and technological wizardry. This bonafied car nut admits that much of his influence comes...

4Car Fleet: Lexus GS300 (Eighth Report)

...I sent my father for a drive in the Lexus this month, with fascinating results. For the past 30 years, Dad has been a dedicated following of the three-pointed star. Back in the 70s, when he was blessed with a taut waistline and a full head of hair, he ploughed his hard-earned into a second-hand...

Lexus GS300 News
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