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Lexus GS300 - Irobot


Lexus GS300
When John first purchased his Lexus GS300 he knew exactly what he wanted to do. He wanted to create a vehicle that would set itself apart from the rest while still maintaining a harmonious balance of luxury and technological wizardry.

This bonafied car nut admits that much of his influence comes from the cars his uncles built back in the days. "My uncle Mario was into muscle cars, racing and performance while my other uncle Manny was always into electronics, LEDs and sound systems." He further mentions that being around cars got him hooked at an early age and the continued support of his mother and sister allowed him to comfortably engage in car customizing.

When John originally purchased the '06 Lexus GS300 he opted for the optional Mark Levinson system. The decision to do so was based on the fact that he didn't want to tamper with the factory sounds. But just one month later, he felt it necessary to improve upon the supplied bass so he dropped the vehicle off to Roadstarr Motorsports. When the vehicle was originally dropped off to John Spio at Roadstarr, it went in for a simple upgrade, but weeks later with the help of his partners Hassan and Hussein Issidru, the vehicle ended up with not only more sounds but also a suede headliner and other interior accents.

Fitting the custom 22" wheels was no easy task as Lexus owners with 20s already know. The GS has always had clearance issues due to the extensive fender bracketry and support that Lexus builds into each car. But Randy from Pro-Fit Fuel Doors and Rico of Duran's Quality paint put their hands in to help create the perfect fit.

Among the modifications performed was the cutting of the rear fenders while the front fender lips were folded back to ensure maximum fit and clearance. With all mods performed, the vehicle can do a full turn with no rubbing; and to ensure the most aggressive stance possible, the vehicle was set up with a coilover kit from Kure International. The kit easily offers height adjustability which gives John the option to lay the vehicle out - or raise it up - but anyone who's seen this Lex on Southern Cali streets already knows that it's driven laid out.

"The ride height of the vehicle is essential to the looks of the vehicle," says John. "You've got to be able to tuck the tires hard and drive it that way. This is what really sets the car off. Nowadays 22s are the new 20s and anyone can bolt them on, but try to lower the vehicle and it's a whole different story - especially on the Lexus."

The dolphin gray suede accents and headliner add a luxurious feel to the vehicle while the system finalizes the audio ambiance. Complete with two 10" Alpine SWX-1042D subs each individually powered by their own separate Alpine MRD-M605 amps, the system is more than just a soundscape of delight. The fabrication is as well noted as the sound itself and one look at the setup engages any spectators. The use of floating amps, stainless steel and mood lighting offers the feel of a high-end boutique while complementing the luxurious nature of the vehicle. Once complete, the entire trunk was finished off in suede and at night it's definitely a sight to see. For added shock value a 10-inch Icon monitor was also installed in the trunk.

The entire system is controlled and integrated into the factory head unit while the addition of a VAIStech Sound Linq was added to integrate the iPod. The ease of install and use of the VAIStech module was a snap and the makes for a perfect combo since the 60G iPod is loaded with a few thousand songs.

Of interesting note is the way that the iPod is cradled into the vehicle. While most resort to a cable and quick chuck into the center console, John went overboard when he contracted Randy Mukai from Pro-Fit Linear Fuel doors to build what is perhaps the world's most expensive iPod holder.

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Lexus GS300 - Irobot
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