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1998 Lexus GS300 Review, Mike , From Bronx NY

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Lexus Gs300

 Model of the car:Lexus Gs300
 General comments:This car is unbeliavable, it was used as a sundays car for a few years now...its 5 years old and has only 25k miles on it..the car is absolutly gorgeous..the sleek body design and curves in all the right places..the chrome molding ( as a professional detailist) i must say makes it very difficult to wax to perfection...the engiene however in the 300 odd....acceleration is very fast...pins u to ur seat as it takes off..shifting is smooth with a great low roar to its engiene had higher rpms..wen u slam the gas for it to go..theres a split second delay to b4 she takes off....which in some cases is very dangerous (highway merging, passing through lanes, quick moves through side streets etc.) other than that..the car is a detailist again lol..the dashboard stays immaculutly clean, alhtough impossible to have a shine to it. audio system..not the nakamachi...the standard lexus 96w 6cd 7spkr (2 tweets, 4 in door 5x7, 1 8-10" woofer) not sure wud size..but....the the best ive seen, unimpressive for a lexus however...but thas why the upgrade is there i half way....its loud..but not loud loud...clarity beyond this point cannot be found even with changing the EQ...distortion in the speakers..comes about at much higher volumes but thas obvious in most stereo equipment....take this car above 120mph...and this car still! and i mean still! handles like a dream...u feel weightless...this car roars and fires through turns, the steering becomes so tight it gives u a formula 1 feel to racing..imagine what the GS430 is like
 What things have gone wrong with the car:fuel injection delay while high perfomance preforated seats for the 430 model..seats dont keep you much in place while quick cornering
 Previous car:I dont know where to start...

Review 1998 Lexus GS300 Mike , From Bronx NY
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